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    Dinner with Elmo and Friends SeaWorld San Antonio

    Our Dinner with Elmo and Friends experience at Sea World San Antonio, was our favorite from all the other activities! You can read what we did the rest of the day at Sesame Bay of Play on this post. You get to see, hug and interact with all the characters inside a restaurant (that means no hard sun or sweating involve lol) What to Expect? Dinner with Elmo and friends takes place at Rosita´s cafe before the parade. Advance reservation is required because space is limited. It´s recommended that you reserve with time, especially if you are going on a weekend.   Upon entering the restaurant the buffet is ready…

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    Lemon cookies Recipe

    This lemon cookies recipe is full of flavor, refreshing and simply delicious. Crips lemon shortbread cookies covered and topped with lemon icing and peanuts.  When I was a little girl, on the first level of the building where we lived there was a bakery. I used to collected all the pennies under the sofas to buy these delicious cookies from the bakery. I tried to look everywhere for the recipe (well, to be honest, I google it ) and I could not find it. The closest one I could find was a Martha Stewart lemon pistachio wreaths.   After some tries, I think I finally got something similar, at least…

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    Toddler gift guide

    Here is a list of out favorite things. Lately We’ve wanting more of the simple and basic toys.  I can testified how toddlers are more engage with things that have a reaction with their actions. So you will find most of the things in this list are open ended.   “The more ways a child can play with a toy, the more he will learn”  1.Cow Bouncer. Inflatable hopper that will bring hours of joy and will drain some of their energy really fast. About $16 on Amazon. 2. Magna Tiles.We wanted to try these for a while, but I thought they were very expensive. I know you can find cheaper…

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    Pecan Snowball cookies recipe

    This is the classic Pecan Snowball cookies recipe. I really don´t know the origin from the snowball cookies but I do know EVERYONE loves them. Whether they called them Mexican wedding cookie, Russian tea cake or butterballs, they are basically the same yummy buttery cookie. Although you will find variations that some use almonds or walnuts instead of pecans.   This cookies are easy to make because you just need a few ingredients and the directions are quite simple: mix everything and scoop them on a cooking sheet. It´s a great recipe to make with kids during the holidays. Plus the smell of butter and pecans in your house it´s a…

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    Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Printable

    Two years ago believe it or not was the first time I watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, I fell in love and thought that it could be a nice tradition to watch it every year for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving we usually celebrate it at home, we cook together some yummy food like this Pumpkin Mousse Pie with Pecan crust and of course turkey.   Last year we added Charlie Brown to our celebration. We had coloring pages and watched the movie while snuggling in the couch eating popcorn, pretzels and jelly beans 🙂 We made pilgrim hats and I design some bottle wrappers and straw flags for the drinks.     Download here…

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    How to switch to safe and Non Toxic Products

    In this post I will tell you how I’m switching to safe and Non Toxic products. What does that mean? Transparent ingredients (all ingredients on label), plant-based formulations, non harmful ingredients  like ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates.

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    Grove Collaborative Review

    I have been purchasing from Grove co, since April, to be total honest my plan was getting some safe and non toxic products and get the free gift set they offer to new costumer and after that cancel my subscription.  Well, 5 months later I’m still using Grove and loving it more each time I used it. And I say each time because you don’t have to purchase every month to keep your account.

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    Lavender garden in Guatemala

    Jardines De Provenza Jardines de Provenza is a lavender garden in Guatemala, located in San Mateo Milpas Altas. For a long time I wanted to visit a lavender field. When I discovered that just a couple of minutes from Antigua Guatemala was a garden with lavender with a volcano in the background, I immediately added it to my summer vacations wish list. Is it worth it? I’m going to be honest, I thought that it was a huge lavender field, and it’s more like a garden with lots of lavender.  It’s beautiful because of the location, the volcano on the background and the aroma makes it so worthy! Would I…

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    Sesame Street Bay Of Play SeaWorld San Antonio

    Disclosure: My family and I were given complimentary tickets. I was no financially compensated for this post. All opinions are strictly based on my experience. Bay of Play Our focal point of our whole trip to San Antonio was Sesame Street Bay of Play. My daughter loves Sesame Street, before I started planning this trip I had no idea we have Sesame Street so close at Sea World San Antonio.  Sesame Street area is at “Bay of Play” inside Sea World San Antonio. You will find rides, splash pads, shows, play areas and Rosita’s cafe (restaurant). If you get lucky like we did, you will have the chance to meet…

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    Natural oven cleaner

    I came up with this Quick diy natural oven cleaner, because this year I had been switching to greener options.  Honestly it was really easy and quick to make it, I had all the supplies at home. This will be my to go cleaning method from now on to clean the oven. I usually need to deep clean the oven 2-3 times per year, because we use a lot our oven like 3-4 times per week to bake and broil. Why Should you make your own Oven Cleaner? 1. It’s easy and fast 2. It’s safer  3. Inexpensive What do you need to clean your oven: 1/4 cup of water…

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