Easter Favorites 2019

These are some items that we currently love. I know it is difficult to think or buy Easter in these uncertain times, so I made this list of items that you can find on Michaels, HEB or Amazon, they all offer delivery service.

I must emphasize that I usually use the same basket every year, and we give something really simple but meaningful. Usually is a sweet treat, something to make art, something to play and something seasonal. Sometimes I add items that we already own like seasonal books, bunny ears, sunglasses, etc.

1.Egg hunt Yard Signs  This are super affordable a something simple to make the easter egg hunt more fun. $2.99 at Michaels. I have this super cute free easter yard signs printables, in case you want to make your own.

2a. We are the Gardeners  One of my all time favorites, it’s perfect for any family that loves  gardening. It’s available at Amazon and Target. $8.99

2b. Planting Stories or Sembrando historias Available in english or spanish at Amazon $10.99

3. Bunny bubble MachineThis is so cool I wish I had see it before I bought other bubble machine.It’s available at HEB $6.88

4. M&M’s Milk Chocolate If your children are fans of M&M’s this is the perfect treat for them, this cute bunny is filled with mini M&Ms. $3.07 at HEB

5. TOOBS Farm Available at Michaels $12

6. Chalk set (49) I think this is a great bargain, and even more if you apply the -40% off coupon from Michaels. $4.99

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