Cake topper printable & Easy Lighted Number

We invited some friends over to celebrate Cristian´s  33 birthday, and as always I baked a special homemade cake. This year I was very busy with work and did not have time to decorate it with edible details so I designed a paper cake topper. I also did a super easy project, it pretends to be a lighted number Marquee. No one wants to buy an expensive Marquee for a birthday celebration that will only be used a few hours.  So I made  a disposable version with presentation board and string lights I found in the spot dollar at Target.



 1. Download and install the font “Kraft Nine”  at  dafont

2. Download the printable topper to customize the name. Get the free printable in  this link . Open the PDF in Adobe Reader, click on the name and enter your text. Now you can print it on  heavy kraft paper.  If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download for free from adobe. 

3.Cut the topper and attach it to a skewer with glue or tape.



 1. Draw the number on a presentation board, I used half board for each number.

2. Cut around the number using  a utility knife

3. I used a set of lights for each number because each set was small, it had about 8-10 light bulbs. Count how many bulbs are on the string has and draw little squares on the number, where you want to place each bulb and then cut  them with the knife. The size of the hole will depend on the size of your bulb, I made mine about 1cm x 1cm.


4. Remove carefully the bulb protectors.


5. Cross the  presentation board with the bulb, then place the protector. Do the same with all the bulbs. If you are annoyed with the loose back wires, you can fasten them with tape.


That´s all! You have a birthday lighted marquee for $ 7.00 ($ 1 of  presentation board + $ 3.00 of each light string)


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