Mother’s day Gift Guide

I came up with this list because I wanted to share with you some things I had been really enjoying lately or for a long time, and I think they help me feel revitalized. Of course that may not be the case for you, everyone has different ways to feel certain ways.  This would make the perfect gift for mother’s day, a birthday or just because you want to have a detail with a friend or yourself. They are all under $30 and one of them you can get it for free…

  1. Coconut tonic bath oil. My favorite add on to a bathtub bath. This natural soothing, moisturizing blend with coconut scent will make you transport you to your dream beach, feeling like you have a new, rich glowing skin.
  2. Herb plant  or any other fragrant plant or flower. I’m a big fan of herbs every season, but specially during spring and summer. It’s something magical about adding fresh herbs cut from the garden, is almost therapeutic.
  3. Citrus essential oil. I’m not the crazy essential oil lady lol (no offense to the essential oil enthusiast) but I do love diffusing refreshing aromatic essence, specially in my bedroom or bathroom and I have found that the citrus ones never disappoint. You can find good quality at a reasonable price, because if you are not familiar with essential oils they are not all the same, cheap ones are not the real deal, you will know you have a good one if you smell like you just open a dozen of oranges and not a funky smell with a citrus smell at the end. I recently got from Amazon the tangerine from Young living,  If you don’t have a diffuser yet, this ceramic from target looks really nice. 

4. Gardenia Palm body spray. This will be the third time I buy this, same brand, same essence. It’s so refreshing but not overpowering, just the perfect balance.

5.Memory Making Mom book. This will make you start planning and dreaming of how you want to spend special time with your family. I have become so interested with the importance of rituals and traditions that this book has become such an inspiration. It’s also available as an audio book,  I have had so much more success finishing books this way.

6.Magnolia table recipe book. There’s few things that change my mood so good like reading a story about a recipe, baking a comfort dessert and eating it hahaha. I got all three with Magnolia table book, I know the second is already available but I had to start with the first one, I wanted to buy the first one whenever we visit Magnolia but that visits keeps getting postpone. Great deal to get for mothers day because it is in discount. 

Have you tried some of this things? What else can you recommend me to help me revitalize?

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