No fail tips for styling a Sofa

Recently I had to style my sofa and get my house ready for sale, our house has become a “showroom” for the next couple of days. Accessorizing with pillows is one of the easiest ways to inject style to a room. Thanks to  Mayamam Weavers who sponsored this post and provided some decor items. 

Styling a sofa is like having a blank canvas just waiting for some  pillows to bring it to life. Finding beautiful pillows you love is the easy part! But how to make them all work together and look great is not that easy.  In this post I will share some guides to make your sofa stand out! 

1. Choose three colors

Start by defining a color palette with 3 colors, look around your living room and pulled them from items around the sofa, like wall color, rug, curtains or any other decor item around. I chose three neutral colors black, beige and brown. That doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors but this three will be the mail ones.

2. Add a Statement Pillow First

Choose a bold pillow one full of patterns or colors  and next choose other pillows to complement that one. 

I began by choosing a unique black and white pillow, hand woven on the traditional backstrap loom made in Guatemala, it’s a unique work of art.

3. Use different textures to add depth

It’s not only important to combine colors and styles; textures also play a huge role when styling a sofa. Texture it’s another way to break uniformity if you are using similar colors. Play with smooth, rough, fuzzy, leather, knit wools, pillows with tassels, etc.

4. Odd numbers are usually more appealing

This statement doesn’t mean that even numbers would look bad, it’s just that it would look more traditional.To complete the look I added a Black and gray stripe pillow from Mayamam Weavers.

5. Use a lumbar pillow in the center

If you are using odd numbers, finish with a lumbar pillow in the middle to give it a sense of balance. 

6. Add a blanket

No sofa looks more inviting and cozy than a couch with a blanket, in my case I used a black and white shawl finished with hand knotted black fringe, of course it was handwoven in Guatemala made of 100% cotton.

I really enjoyed and loved the results of the sofa.  Mayamam Weavers quality is beyond amazing,  you can feel the quality of their products. It makes my heart so happy knowing that it was made in my beautiful Guatemala and that Mayamam Weavers support working woman and their children being part of fair trade.

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