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    Coconut Popsicles recipe

    This coconut popsicles recipe is really easy, because you just need a few ingredients and they are delicious, refreshing and so creamy! So good this is the third time I make them in a month. This pregnancy has keep me craving for ice treats, specially the refreshing ones not so much the super sweet ones. This coconut popsicles are perfect because they are not on the super sweet side. If you would like them sweeter just add more sugar just be aware that when the popsicles will freeze will loose a little bit of the sweetness. Make the mix a little bit more sweet than you would like the popsicles to…

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    Sesame Street Bay Of Play SeaWorld San Antonio

    Disclosure: My family and I were given complimentary tickets. I was no financially compensated for this post. All opinions are strictly based on my experience. Bay of Play Our focal point of our whole trip to San Antonio was Sesame Street Bay of Play. My daughter loves Sesame Street, before I started planning this trip I had no idea we have Sesame Street so close at Sea World San Antonio.  Sesame Street area is at “Bay of Play” inside Sea World San Antonio. You will find rides, splash pads, shows, play areas and Rosita’s cafe (restaurant). If you get lucky like we did, you will have the chance to meet…

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    Pineapple sorbet

    I can’t find words to describe how spectacular it’s the taste of this sorbet, the cinnamon topping adds a unique flavor! I know! we are just in January and it’s cold, very cold, but over here we love ice cream, especially if it´s homemade. I made the recipe using an ice cream machine but you can do it without a machine. One of the most frequent problems when making sorbets, it’s that as soon as you freeze it, it becomes really hard like a solid brick of ice and loses the soft and smooth texture. I found a blog post “sorbet 101¨ at Zoe Bakes, in which she explains that the…

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    Coconut and Pineapple oatmeal

    Yogurt and oatmeal are super versatile, you can add a variety of ingredients and the flavor  will change completely! That’s why I love them! Such simple ingredients like pineapple, coconut and cinnamon will give your regular oatmeal a yummy tropical twist. Place in a saucepan over medium heat: – 1/2 cup oatmeal -1 Cup milk (I use soy milk flavored with vanilla, if using regular milk you can add a teaspoon of vanilla and sugar) -3 Tablespoons grated coconut -1 Tablespoon brown sugar -1/3 Cup pineapple cut into pieces (1 to 1 1/2 slices) Bring them to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium low, stirring occasionally until…

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    Water War Birthday Party

    My son is growing up so fast! He turned eleven and of course he was not excited anymore about having a cartoon theme birthday party, so I had to think about a new exciting theme according to his age. WATER WAR! He and his friends had a blast! I used neon colors and water splashes for all the decorations.  At the dessert table we had blueberry gelatin, orange cupcakes, cookies, vanilla bean cakepops, orange cake and watermelon and citrus cotton candy!   We gave to each guest a basket with a cookie name tag. Inside the basket they had a water bottle with his name so they can refill through…

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