Winter activities

    ||| ACTIVITIES/ CRAFTS​ DIY Snow: this is really easy to make, you just need two ingredients. The same amount of baking soda and shaving cream, you can began with one cup of each, and add more as you like. 2. Rescue arctic animals. The easiest way to do is is in small container or small silicone molds, if you don’t have does just fill a balloon with water and place the animal inside, you can add glitter or snow confetti to make them whimsical. Then have a dropper with hot water and a container with salt. 3. Pine needles rubbing. When you go out for a walk pick up pine…

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    Santa Claus Letter in spanish and english

    This free printable letter to Santa Claus below is available in Spanish and English. I designed this letter to guide my toddler because obviously she is not able to write yet. I read out loud the letter and just let her answer and wrote for her the blank spaces.  I found lots of printables online but I couldn’t find a free one, with the options of writing what good things the kid had achieve this year in order to be in Santa’s Nice list. I also like adding what do they compromise to get better with next year.   You just need to download the free letter in spanish or…

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    Whimsical Ocean Birthday party

    This Whimsical Ocean Birthday party was an inspiration of the venue were we celebrate Mia’s 4th birthday. I would’ve never imagine celebrating an Ocean or Under the sea theme for my daughter’s birthday because her birthday it’s in fall, almost winter  (November). We celebrated her birthday at an indoor playground were all the decor is Ocean related.  We usually have a small birthday party at our house every year, with tons of DIY projects.  But this year with a one month old lil sister, that wasn’t a choice for me. So we chose to celebrate at an indoor playground and make it simple but special. Must of the invitations were…

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    Perfect Roll out cookies

    With this recipe and tips you will get the perfect roll out cookies. They wont spread and they taste delicious.  You will get the perfect cookie to decorate later with icing or fondant.  This tips can apply to most roll out cookie recipe, but most day this tips are specially made for my roll out cookie recipe. 1.Use room temperature ingredients Having your ingredients at room temperature will guarantee that all of them will mix in well without lumps. If the butter is too soften or melted your cookies will spread in the oven. I also like using high quality butter, usually European style butter it makes the cookies more flavorful.…

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    Hospital Bag Must Haves

    This list of Hospital bag must haves, will give you a great idea of what you need to pack for your baby, specially if you are a first- time mom or if your last time was a couple of years ago and have bad memory like me lol. I extended a little bit more for the baby stuff. Below the baby list you can find a complete checklist for mom, baby and other stuff to bring to the hospital.   1.Baby nail clippers. This is something must moms don´t think about, but if your baby comes with long nails, trust me that will be one of the first thing you will…

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    Floral Greenery Baby Shower

    I had been loving for a long time the floral greenery Baby shower themes. It’s a simple, elegant, timeless and kind of an easy theme to find matching things. A dear friend organized and hosted a baby shower for me and she proposed the greenery theme, which of course I loved. Living far away from your home country makes this type of events kind of hard to celebrate away from your family, and friends. 4 Years ago we had a Long distance baby shower (you can look more about it here) , it was unique, we all felt loved and my little one was celebrated in a different cute way.…

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    Swing Set Playhouse Decor

    I was debating about getting a playhouse or a Swing set for our backyard, and I found this  Playhouse Swing set at Walmart, it was a great deal, about 40% off original price.  As we got the great deal and I really wanted a cute playhouse, we decide to give it a makeover while we were assembling it.  I will write a full post next week with all the details about how we assembled it and the paint and tools we used. This post it’s about all the accessories and extras we incorporate to the Playhouse. We spent a total of $50 for the accessories. The upper level doesn’t have…

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    Hibiscus and Mint Popsicle Recipe

    A couple of months ago I try The Good Pop Hibiscus popsicles at HEB  as soon as I tried them, I knew I had to re create that Hibiscus and Mint Popsicle recipe. It was one of the most refreshing popsicles I have tried, it was not a regular hibiscus popsicle. The mint gives the popsicle a super refreshing flavor. I fell in love with the combination.  I bet you have had before hibiscus tea or Hibiscus Agua Fresca, if you haven´t, you are missing a lot! The hibiscus flower is known for its refreshing red color  and vitamin C content. You can buy it any Latin American grocery store.…

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    Celebrating 4th of July

    Being bicultural means that we have and combine the cultural attitudes and customs of two nation, in our case USA and Guatemala. I’m still learning about USA culture. Having a daughter that was born here and living in this country, motivates me to enhance more the American culture in our home. Here I share with you some fun ideas to enjoy and connect with your children this 4th of July.

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    Salpicón guatemalteco (Beef ceviche)

    The Salpicón from Guatemala is probably the food I miss the most. If you have never had salpicón before, think as it is a beef salad or beef ceviche. Ideal for summer days.   It’s super easy to make and you will have lots of portions it’s really abundant.  It’s so abundant that sometimes I will make half recipe and with the other half of the meat I make Carne Fría. The hard thing for me was to find the right meat, because I wasn’t sure what type of beef I should use, the beef cuts in USA are really different from Latin America. After some research I found out I…

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