All about me – toddler printable book

I had noticed that Mia really enjoyed looking at family photos and she ask me for every person’s name in our wedding album. I designed her an “All about me book” which it includes her family members and favorite things. It’s her favorite book by far. One of the reasons it’s because I used photos […]

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Cranberry orange muffin recipe

The story behind this Cranberry orange muffin recipe is really funny. We started a diet a few weeks ago ( the keto diet) and Cris wanted to make keto friendly crepes. He decided to make the same recipe he usually makes and just replace regular flour with coconut flour. I knew that it was going […]

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Low Carb Pumpkin mousse Pie


What’s thanks giving dinner without Pumpkin Pie? We started the KetoDiet about two weeks ago, and thank God we got to host thanksgiving at our house, that way we prepared low carb friendly food for everyone. The hardest thing with gluten free/ sugar free/ keto pastry recipes for me is to find something really tasty. […]

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Easy Marshmallow Snowman for hot chocolate

Marshmallow Snowman

I really enjoy making crafts, mostly during the holidays and even more for Christmas. With a 2 year old around me, I’m always searching for easy and fast crafts, because if you have one of those tiny persons in your life you totally agree with me that their attention span is really short.  I remember […]

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Story Time at Whole Foods + Treats

 I love shopping at Whole foods, it’s not our to go grocery store, but every time we go, we buy different and unique things, specially chocolate, it seems that every time I go, I pick a chocolate bar.  Yesterday we had a little play date with Mia at Whole foods, both of us got spoiled… […]

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Overnight Mango and Matcha Oatmeal

I had seen lots of overnight oatmeal recipes lately and I decided to give it a try, the mango and greek yogurt version caught my attention, I mixed matcha to the yogurt and it turned out really yummy! The mango and matcha flavors together make a great combination. If you are not familiar with matcha, I strongly […]

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