Winter activities

  1. DIY Snow: this is really easy to make, you just need two ingredients. The same amount of baking soda and shaving cream, you can began with one cup of each, and add more as you like.

2. Rescue arctic animals. The easiest way to do is is in small container or small silicone molds, if you don’t have does just fill a balloon with water and place the animal inside, you can add glitter or snow confetti to make them whimsical. Then have a dropper with hot water and a container with salt.

3. Pine needles rubbing. When you go out for a walk pick up pine needles. Turn a crayon on its side and gently rub over the top sheet of paper. Make sure you do your rubbing on a flat, hard surface, so the leaves won’t slide around and the leaves’ shapes will appear more distinct on the paper. The leaf images will magically appear on the paper!


4. Bird feeder: This is one of my favorites, we love adding peanut butter to a pinecone, stick bird seeds and hang it outside near a window to watch birds

||| FOOD

1. Jello ice cubes: make blueberry jello jigglers and cut them in cubes.

2.Pear galette: this is so delicious and easy. Pear is one of our favorite winter fruits. Pear galette is easy and delicious you can find lots of recipes online.

3.Bread: few things are more comforting on a cold day than eating a freshly baked bread.


I love books that have different themes, that’s the case of tap the magic tree, where they show you how a tree changes through seasons and search and find animals where you can point arctic animals, jungles, savanna, etc.

Grow love
Tap the magic Tree
Search and find animals
||| GO TO​

-Outdoors to observe when grass or trees are frozen

-Visitan  aquarium or zoo with arctic animals

-Ice skating


Find more ideas and explore some of the activities we made on this Pinterest board.

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