Spring Creek Growers Tree Farm

4 years ago we went to Spring Creek Growers for a Christmas family photoshoot and since then we have been coming back. It has become one of our favorite Christmas traditions in Houston.

2016 Photo by Amanda Walton Photography


I highly recommend visiting during weekdays because weekends is crowded. I love visiting the farm around 4pm that way we get the “golden hour” lovely photos plus we enjoy the fire pit at sunset. They usually open the weekend of thanksgiving or a couple of days before and they close a week or two  before Christmas.


  • Reservation is required.
  • It’s “free”.  I think they will start charging the entrance, but this year is still free if you go to cut your tree. This farm is meant to go and cut your Christmas tree, if you are not getting a Christmas tree support them by buying garlands or Christmas decor. In the website it’s written that they are charging $7 per person but they didn’t charged us.
  • It’s usually windy and cold specially if you go on the hayride. Trust me even if it isn’t a really cold day go prepared.
  • Plan to visit at least 2 hours to enjoy all the fun.


1. Search for the biggest Christmas tree.

This keeps the kids entertained and keep them busy and excited.

2. Go for a Hayride

 You can go for a hayride to search and cut your Christmas tree, if its not too busy you can go just for a ride.

3. Barnyard and Games

Visit the barnyard animals. They have a donkey, goats and other animals. Fun and simple farm games my personal favorite the rubber duck races

4. Walk around the farm

 There’s plenty space to walk, run and explore. They have a huge tree house, a pond, a swing and tepee.

5. Bakery and Firepit

Have a hot cocoa and a warm cookie at their lovely vintage bakery, They also have available s’more kit to roast it at the fire pit.

Tell me… did you find this article helpful? Have you been to Spring Creek Growers before? What other free activity would you recommend to other families?

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  1. On my list now! Do they close 2 weeks before Xmas? Better hurry!

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