Free Easter egg hunt Printables

Easter is in less than two weeks, and I already begin to have a few things ready for egg hunting.  I designed this bunnies to decorate the backyard and to give Mia  signs of where  she should look for the eggs. 

At the beginning I thought I wanted them to be raised from the grass with wooden stakes, but it was not really necessary they look really cute standing directly on the grass.

To make them, just download my free  Easter egg hunt printable, print it on  heavy card stock and cut around.

You can tape  bamboo skewers on the back, or you can glue them to presentation board  and then cut them that way they will be  more durable  and toddler resistant. 

Mia practiced egg hunting and she was so excited, and every time she saw a bunny she started hopping



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  1. Bella Mendez says:

    thank you so much for share 🙂
    they beautiful

    Belen from Argentina

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