Toddler gift guide

Here is a list of out favorite things. Lately We’ve wanting more of the simple and basic toys.  I can testified how toddlers are more engage with things that have a reaction with their actions. So you will find most of the things in this list are open ended. 

 “The more ways a child can play with a toy, the more he will learn” 

1.Cow Bouncer. Inflatable hopper that will bring hours of joy and will drain some of their energy really fast. About $16 on Amazon.

2. Magna Tiles.We wanted to try these for a while, but I thought they were very expensive. I know you can find cheaper ones, but I had read that they are not of the same quality. I wanted to wait until we could afford the original Magna tiles. Finally Mia was given them for her birthday and she loves them. They really are worth the money.$33 on Amazon

3. Gliding Scooter.eThis is the perfect first scooter for any toddler, they help development of balance & coordination. We have the Radio Flyer from target for $25 but there are also other pricier nice options out there.

4. Buddha Board  This one is on our wish list. I recently discover it and I think it’s genius. You have to fill the stand with water. Then dip in the bamboo brush (included) & start drawing, painting & writing. You’ll create soft, beautiful images with a rich, inky Japanese look. Appreciate your creation in the moment, and then the water evaporates and your masterpiece slowly fades away. No mess and you just need water. ($35 on Amazon)

5.Rain Boots I haven’t meet a toddler who doesn’t like to splash on puddles. They also  love  boots because they are so easy to put on. We bought the Crocs one for Mia, they are cute, durable, and have oversized handles make them easy for kids to put on and take off. ($25)

6. Teepee. $50 on Amazon

7. Animals Figurines. We have tons of this. I usually buy them at Hobby lobby or Michaels and use a 40% or %50 coupon. ($7 -$12)

8. Play Kitchen.  We love our play kitchen from Ikea $100. We use it to pretend play with play dough, sometimes we prepare real food, I had also used it as a kitchen cabinet to store Mia’s utensils. 

9. Search and find books. Kids love this type of books and they are really entertaining. Mia received as a gift “search and find animals” and it’s on of her favorites every time she opens it she learns a new animal. $10 On amazon

10. High quality magnifier glass.Perfect for curious or to incentivize curiosity. This is on our wish list but I’m really looking forward to use it on search and find books and outdoors.  $15 on Amazon

11. Wagon.Toddlers love to carry things around. There are so many uses for this wagons, everyone in the family will love it, even your pets. $100 on Amazon

12. Lacing beads. Threading lacing beads are a great way to develop fine motor skills.  increase strength and coordination in the small hand and finger muscles.  We love this colorful Caterpillar from Amazon $6

13. Cleaning set Toddlers imitate everything you do, and cleaning is no exception. They need tools for their size, This kit is ideal for them.$26 amazon or Target.

14. Interactive books. I will post soon our list of interactive books, but this is Mia’s favorite. It’s about mixing colors. $12 on Amazon

15. Toddler puzzles. Mia receive this puzzle as a gift for her second birthday and she loved it. Mudpuppy puzzles are high quality and the pouch make it really easy to keep all the pieces together. $12 on Amazon Mudpuppy pouch

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