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    Coconut Popsicles recipe

    This coconut popsicles recipe is really easy, because you just need a few ingredients and they are delicious, refreshing and so creamy! So good this is the third time I make them in a month. This pregnancy has keep me craving for ice treats, specially the refreshing ones not so much the super sweet ones. This coconut popsicles are perfect because they are not on the super sweet side. If you would like them sweeter just add more sugar just be aware that when the popsicles will freeze will loose a little bit of the sweetness. Make the mix a little bit more sweet than you would like the popsicles to…

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    Lemon cookies Recipe

    This lemon cookies recipe is full of flavor, refreshing and simply delicious. Crips lemon shortbread cookies covered and topped with lemon icing and peanuts.  When I was a little girl, on the first level of the building where we lived there was a bakery. I used to collected all the pennies under the sofas to buy these delicious cookies from the bakery. I tried to look everywhere for the recipe (well, to be honest, I google it ) and I could not find it. The closest one I could find was a Martha Stewart lemon pistachio wreaths.   After some tries, I think I finally got something similar, at least…

  • pecan snowball cookie recipe

    Pecan Snowball cookies recipe

    This is the classic Pecan Snowball cookies recipe. I really don´t know the origin from the snowball cookies but I do know EVERYONE loves them. Whether they called them Mexican wedding cookie, Russian tea cake or butterballs, they are basically the same yummy buttery cookie. Although you will find variations that some use almonds or walnuts instead of pecans.   This cookies are easy to make because you just need a few ingredients and the directions are quite simple: mix everything and scoop them on a cooking sheet. It´s a great recipe to make with kids during the holidays. Plus the smell of butter and pecans in your house it´s a…

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    Tres Leches Cake recipe

    This is the best homemade Tres leches cake recipe. It has been the favorite to celebrate birthdays in my family for years, my mom bakes tres leches for everyone’s birthday and we all look forward to it. It’s no surprise that the tradition continues with my own family. My mom tops the cake with French meringue, wich it’s totally dreamy, but it really is too cloying. So I made a variation and I topped the cake with whipping cream. Mi oldest son always asks for tres leches for his birthday, and it has been so challenging for me! (Because if you know me, you know how much I love decorating cakes…

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    Cranberry orange muffin recipe

    The story behind this Cranberry orange muffin recipe is really funny. We started a diet a few weeks ago ( the keto diet) and Cris wanted to make keto friendly crepes. He decided to make the same recipe he usually makes and just replace regular flour with coconut flour. I knew that it was going to be a totally failure, but he made them and in fact they were a failure lol. They were a mess but it tasted good. He did not gave up, he added more ingredients, pour them in cupcake tins and bake them, we were amazed by the result. It wasn’t a failure after all lol.…

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    Low Carb Pumpkin mousse Pie

    What’s thanks giving dinner without Pumpkin Pie? We started the KetoDiet about two weeks ago, and thank God we got to host thanksgiving at our house, that way we prepared low carb friendly food for everyone. The hardest thing with gluten free/ sugar free/ keto pastry recipes for me is to find something really tasty. I really hate the flavor of stevia, I can’t handle it. On my search for a Low carb Pumpkin Pie recipe online, I found one at Simply so healthy blog, that really caught my attention because they didn’t used stevia, but a granulated stevia/ erythritol blend. Plus the mousse had a crust just like pumpkin…

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    Overnight Mango and Matcha Oatmeal

    I had seen lots of overnight oatmeal recipes lately and I decided to give it a try, the mango and greek yogurt version caught my attention, I mixed matcha to the yogurt and it turned out really yummy! The mango and matcha flavors together make a great combination. If you are not familiar with matcha, I strongly suggest you to try it, the flavor is really intense, so you might want to start with small quantities and try it blending in different food, you can even make a Matcha Latte! It’s delicious and it’s packed with so many benefits. If you want to learn more about matcha, benefits and nutritional facts visit Body, Health, Love blog, she made an…

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    Pineapple sorbet

    I can’t find words to describe how spectacular it’s the taste of this sorbet, the cinnamon topping adds a unique flavor! I know! we are just in January and it’s cold, very cold, but over here we love ice cream, especially if it´s homemade. I made the recipe using an ice cream machine but you can do it without a machine. One of the most frequent problems when making sorbets, it’s that as soon as you freeze it, it becomes really hard like a solid brick of ice and loses the soft and smooth texture. I found a blog post “sorbet 101¨ at Zoe Bakes, in which she explains that the…

  • matcha yogurt recipe

    Yogurt + Matcha + Honey

     We all know the amazing benefits of greek yogurt, full of protein and probiotics and matcha it’s also packed with many benefits. This is a super easy way to vary the typical taste of yogurt having a powerful and nutritious breakfast!   We buy Greek yogurt with honey, but if you have plain yogurt you can add one or two teaspoons of honey and add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of matcha (the highest quality powdered green tea available). I personally add 1/2 teaspoon, I suggest you go testing 1/4 teaspoon at a time because depending on the quality of the matcha, the  flavor can be quite intense. For the topping…