• PumkinMoussePieLowCarb

    Low Carb Pumpkin mousse Pie

    What’s thanks giving dinner without Pumpkin Pie? We started the KetoDiet about two weeks ago, and thank God we got to host thanksgiving at our house, that way we prepared low carb friendly food for everyone. The hardest thing with gluten free/ sugar free/ keto pastry recipes for me is to find something really tasty. I really hate the flavor of stevia, I can’t handle it. On my search for a Low carb Pumpkin Pie recipe online, I found one at Simply so healthy blog, that really caught my attention because they didn’t used stevia, but a granulated stevia/ erythritol blend. Plus the mousse had a crust just like pumpkin…

  • Celebrate

    Quick and simple Thanksgiving table decorations

    To decorate our table for thanksgiving dinner, I bought at the supermarket some flowers and placed them in 3 small mason jars and in a tall flower vase, I added paper cupcake toppers to the mason jars and lastly I placed some candles.  From our family to yours, Happy thanksgiving!!!