• Marshmallow Snowman

    Easy Marshmallow Snowman for hot chocolate

    I really enjoy making crafts, mostly during the holidays and even more for Christmas. With a 2 year old around me, I’m always searching for easy and fast crafts, because if you have one of those tiny persons in your life you totally agree with me that their attention span is really short.  I remember that I made this easy Marshmallow Snowman for the first time almost 5 years ago for Sebastian’s school Christmas party. I needed something easy back then because I had to make around 30.  This idea at pinterest really inspired me, it looked so easy, that I decided to make my own version. It was a huge…

  • Make

    DIY Furry wooden letters

    I was looking forward to paint Mia’s nursery but honestly I ran out of time and energy. So I designed a quick, easy and super cheap alternative.I printed 2 different sizes of star shapes, cut them, trace them with pencil in presentation board, and then I cut them with an exacto knife. I used only one presentation board ($1) I bought the wooden letters at target for about $3 or $4  each one.  And bought 3 different textures at Michael’s  for about, sherpa was $7.00 but I used the 40% off coupon, the yarn was $3.49 and the sheet of felt $0.50 ( I don’t know why I didn’t think…

  • Celebrate,  Free Printables

    Cake topper printable & Easy Lighted Number

    We invited some friends over to celebrate Cristian´s  33 birthday, and as always I baked a special homemade cake. This year I was very busy with work and did not have time to decorate it with edible details so I designed a paper cake topper. I also did a super easy project, it pretends to be a lighted number Marquee. No one wants to buy an expensive Marquee for a birthday celebration that will only be used a few hours.  So I made  a disposable version with presentation board and string lights I found in the spot dollar at Target. TO MAKE THE CAKE TOPPER:  1. Download and install the font…

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