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    Perfect Roll out cookies

    With this recipe and tips you will get the perfect roll out cookies. They wont spread and they taste delicious.  You will get the perfect cookie to decorate later with icing or fondant.  This tips can apply to most roll out cookie recipe, but most day this tips are specially made for my roll out cookie recipe. 1.Use room temperature ingredients Having your ingredients at room temperature will guarantee that all of them will mix in well without lumps. If the butter is too soften or melted your cookies will spread in the oven. I also like using high quality butter, usually European style butter it makes the cookies more flavorful.…

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    Hospital Bag Must Haves

    This list of Hospital bag must haves, will give you a great idea of what you need to pack for your baby, specially if you are a first- time mom or if your last time was a couple of years ago and have bad memory like me lol. I extended a little bit more for the baby stuff. Below the baby list you can find a complete checklist for mom, baby and other stuff to bring to the hospital.   1.Baby nail clippers. This is something must moms don´t think about, but if your baby comes with long nails, trust me that will be one of the first thing you will…

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