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    Tres Leches Cake recipe

    This is the best homemade Tres leches cake recipe. It has been the favorite to celebrate birthdays in my family for years, my mom bakes tres leches for everyone’s birthday and we all look forward to it. It’s no surprise that the tradition continues with my own family. My mom tops the cake with French meringue, wich it’s totally dreamy, but it really is too cloying. So I made a variation and I topped the cake with whipping cream. Mi oldest son always asks for tres leches for his birthday, and it has been so challenging for me! (Because if you know me, you know how much I love decorating cakes…

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    Classic Mickey and Minnie Farm Birthday Party

    Just as last year I planned a birthday party with my daughter current favorites things. Her first birthday was all about cats and colorful pit balls, for her second birthday it’s all about Mickey, Minnie and farm animals.  I was inspired in classic Mickey and Minnie characters as well as farmer’s market designs. Almost all the items were DIY because of the unique theme. Classic Mickey and Minnie Farm Activities It was a small birthday party so I made hats for the boys with mouse ears and for the girls a Minnie mouse headband. The ears and hat were made with felt and the flower with foam. They were a…

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    Kitten 1st birthday Party

    Mia loves our cats and any other cat,  she acts like a cat lol, she loves milk, cardboard boxes, treats, even cat toys! She also love pit balls. So her party was all about all her favorite things: cats and colorful pit balls.   We didn’t have lots of guests for her party so we had a small cake (the bottom of the cake was fake) but I really wanted a two layer cake, in fact thank God I made that fake layer because about 2 hours before the party the backdrop smashed the cake and broke my cake stand, the fake layer survived just some minor scratches, and yes…

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    Cake topper printable & Easy Lighted Number

    We invited some friends over to celebrate Cristian´s  33 birthday, and as always I baked a special homemade cake. This year I was very busy with work and did not have time to decorate it with edible details so I designed a paper cake topper. I also did a super easy project, it pretends to be a lighted number Marquee. No one wants to buy an expensive Marquee for a birthday celebration that will only be used a few hours.  So I made  a disposable version with presentation board and string lights I found in the spot dollar at Target. TO MAKE THE CAKE TOPPER:  1. Download and install the font…

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    Water War Birthday Party

    My son is growing up so fast! He turned eleven and of course he was not excited anymore about having a cartoon theme birthday party, so I had to think about a new exciting theme according to his age. WATER WAR! He and his friends had a blast! I used neon colors and water splashes for all the decorations.  At the dessert table we had blueberry gelatin, orange cupcakes, cookies, vanilla bean cakepops, orange cake and watermelon and citrus cotton candy!   We gave to each guest a basket with a cookie name tag. Inside the basket they had a water bottle with his name so they can refill through…

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