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    How to switch to safe and Non Toxic Products

    In this post I will tell you how I’m switching to safe and Non Toxic products. What does that mean? Transparent ingredients (all ingredients on label), plant-based formulations, non harmful ingredients  like ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates.

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    Grove Collaborative Review

    I have been purchasing from Grove co, since April, to be total honest my plan was getting some safe and non toxic products and get the free gift set they offer to new costumer and after that cancel my subscription.  Well, 5 months later I’m still using Grove and loving it more each time I used it. And I say each time because you don’t have to purchase every month to keep your account.

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    Natural oven cleaner

    I came up with this Quick diy natural oven cleaner, because this year I had been switching to greener options.  Honestly it was really easy and quick to make it, I had all the supplies at home. This will be my to go cleaning method from now on to clean the oven. I usually need to deep clean the oven 2-3 times per year, because we use a lot our oven like 3-4 times per week to bake and broil. Why Should you make your own Oven Cleaner? 1. It’s easy and fast 2. It’s safer  3. Inexpensive What do you need to clean your oven: 1/4 cup of water…

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    6 garden tools for the mindful gardener

    If you are planning to start gardening or maybe had bought some plants and now you're wondering how to take care of them, I'm pretty sure this 6 garden tools for the mindful gardener will help you. This year I had been working on having a more mindful life. And I have notice that the garden it's a great place to practice mindfulness, to slow down, meditate and to be patient. This is my second year of gardening and I gather a list of the tools that help me last year, or that I figured it out last year that I would need this year to be more mindful at…

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    Tips for flying with a 2 year old and her car seat

    Traveling with my youngest has been really “easy” until she started walking. That was the time when air traveling became my nightmare. On our trip to California I was finger crossing that she would sleep through the flight, and it was that way, the thing is she was a couple of days away of turning two and she was still flying in “lap” so I was exhausted of having her in my lap for 3 hours. I can’t complain she woke up when we were landing. On our way back, she didn’t slept and we even had bought her a seat. Let’s just say we were that family with a…

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    Furry, calming and cozy nursery

    To decorate Mia’s room, I spent  endless number of hours at Pinterest, trying to discover a theme for the room that I would loved, it was difficult because I wanted something cute but not super feminine (all pink with flowers, etc). After  thousand  hours :p in Pinterest, I made a collage with ideas and things that I liked. I want the nursery to be a cozy and calming space using neutral colors with a touch of pastels like pink and green mint. I also wanted to integrate “furry” animals like bears, sheep, cats, llamas and rabbits.   1. Sheepskin rug   2. Dream catcher mobile 3. Huge teddy bear 4.We…

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