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    Montessori metal insets tracing tray DIY

    I came up with this DIY Montessori tracing tray, to help stabilize the insets while my daughter traces shapes. My daughter is ready to start writing, in fact she can already trace a couple of letters. So I bought  this wooden, smaller, cheaper version of metal insets but I couldn’t find a tracing tray for this smaller version.  What is exactly a Montessori metal inset?  The Metal Insets are used in preparation for writing, to help control of writing movements and changing directions. You can learn more about how to use the insets in this article from How we Montessori   and on this other link from Info Montessori you will…

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    All about me – toddler printable book

    I had noticed that Mia really enjoyed looking at family photos and she ask me for every person’s name in our wedding album. I designed her an “All about me book” which it includes her family members and favorite things. It’s her favorite book by far. One of the reasons it’s because I used photos instead of drawings and because it includes all of her favorite things. The first time I made her the book was when she was almost 2 years old. We went on a trip to California and left the book at a Hotel. She keep asking for Mia’s book so I printed another one and decided…

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    Free Easter egg hunt Printables

    Easter is in less than two weeks, and I already begin to have a few things ready for egg hunting.  I designed this bunnies to decorate the backyard and to give Mia  signs of where  she should look for the eggs.  At the beginning I thought I wanted them to be raised from the grass with wooden stakes, but it was not really necessary they look really cute standing directly on the grass. To make them, just download my free  Easter egg hunt printable, print it on  heavy card stock and cut around. You can tape  bamboo skewers on the back, or you can glue them to presentation board  and…

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    Nursery wall art printables

    I Design these wall arts especially for my Mia’s nursery, but I’m sure this printables  will be useful to someone else, so I´m sharing them here! The design is 5 “x7” but can also be print smaller for 4 “x6” frames. I recommend to print them using Epson Matte presentation paper, or some special photo paper. In the blog post of  Mia’s nursery you can also find the link for the wall art “Dream big little one” Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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    DIY Furry wooden letters

    I was looking forward to paint Mia’s nursery but honestly I ran out of time and energy. So I designed a quick, easy and super cheap alternative.I printed 2 different sizes of star shapes, cut them, trace them with pencil in presentation board, and then I cut them with an exacto knife. I used only one presentation board ($1) I bought the wooden letters at target for about $3 or $4  each one.  And bought 3 different textures at Michael’s  for about, sherpa was $7.00 but I used the 40% off coupon, the yarn was $3.49 and the sheet of felt $0.50 ( I don’t know why I didn’t think…

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    DIY animal mobile with template

    To make the felt animals you will need: White and pastel pink felt sheets Fiberfill White, black and soft pink thread 4mm black round glass bead (one for bear’s nose) 2.2mm, matte black glass seed beads (six for eyes) 6mm bell Pink with white polka dots ribbon Powder blush Download and print the free animal template. Cut and trace the templates on the white or pink felt. Cut all the pieces with sharp scissors, draw with pencil eyes and details that you will need to sew using black, and sew black stitches on top.  Using a q tip make the blush on the faces. Sew invisible stitches with white thread…

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