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    Whimsical Ocean Birthday party

    This Whimsical Ocean Birthday party was an inspiration of the venue were we celebrate Mia’s 4th birthday. I would’ve never imagine celebrating an Ocean or Under the sea theme for my daughter’s birthday because her birthday it’s in fall, almost winter  (November). We celebrated her birthday at an indoor playground were all the decor is Ocean related.  We usually have a small birthday party at our house every year, with tons of DIY projects.  But this year with a one month old lil sister, that wasn’t a choice for me. So we chose to celebrate at an indoor playground and make it simple but special. Must of the invitations were…

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    Swing Set Playhouse Decor

    I was debating about getting a playhouse or a Swing set for our backyard, and I found this  Playhouse Swing set at Walmart, it was a great deal, about 40% off original price.  As we got the great deal and I really wanted a cute playhouse, we decide to give it a makeover while we were assembling it.  I will write a full post next week with all the details about how we assembled it and the paint and tools we used. This post it’s about all the accessories and extras we incorporate to the Playhouse. We spent a total of $50 for the accessories. The upper level doesn’t have…

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