DIY Furry wooden letters

I was looking forward to paint Mia’s nursery but honestly I ran out of time and energy. So I designed a quick, easy and super cheap alternative.I printed 2 different sizes of star shapes, cut them, trace them with pencil in presentation board, and then I cut them with an exacto knife. I used only one presentation board ($1)

diywoodenletters9I bought the wooden letters at target for about $3 or $4  each one.  And bought 3 different textures at Michael’s  for about, sherpa was $7.00 but I used the 40% off coupon, the yarn was $3.49 and the sheet of felt $0.50 ( I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before but you can find felt with adhesive is about $2.00 per sheet)

Cutting the sherpa was a little bit tricky (make sure you use really sharp scissors). I traced the letter M on the back side of the furry texture.

I cut it with sharp scissor and then glue it with fabric glue.

Attaching the felt was really easy I placed glue on the letter, then I stick it to the felt and after a few minutes (wait until it has dried) I cut it with scissors.

The yarn was the one that took me longer, but I needed to use something like this material because I know that I wouldn’t be able to cut the sherpa or felt into this shape, or at least the result wouldn’t be neat. So with lots of patience I attached the yarn into the wooden letter with a glue gun.

Wooden Letters: Target

Sherpa, yarn and felt: Michaels

Marquee star: Michaels

Presentation board: Dollar tree





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