Easy Marshmallow Snowman for hot chocolate

Marshmallow Snowman

I really enjoy making crafts, mostly during the holidays and even more for Christmas. With a 2 year old around me, I’m always searching for easy and fast crafts, because if you have one of those tiny persons in your life you totally agree with me that their attention span is really short.  I remember that I made this easy Marshmallow Snowman for the first time almost 5 years ago for Sebastian’s school Christmas party. I needed something easy back then because I had to make around 30. 

Marshmallow Snowman

This idea at pinterest really inspired me, it looked so easy, that I decided to make my own version. It was a huge hit! Who doesn’t love marshmallows?

For Sebastian’s Christmas party I attached the snowman to a package of instant hot cocoa and a peppermint stick using washi tape. I print an adorable Snowman soup recipe I found online, everyone loved it!

Marshmallow Snowman

This year was Mia’s turn to make the marshmallow snowman. Obviously with lots of guidance and preparation. I had everything ready after she woke up from her nap. She ate about 3 or 4 marshmallows even before we started making something. I really had to speed up our craft program before she ate all the marshmallows, I didn’t even took pictures but you can see in this instagram video how excited she was with the marshmallow snowman,  she kept the snowman with her all day! 



Marshmallow Snowman pop


The materials used in this project are really easy to find, probably you can get them at your local grocery store. If not, at a craft store you will find them for sure. The markers might seem a little bit expensive for this project, but trust me, once you have them in your pantry you will be using them for several project to make treats and food more fun. Also if you go to Michael’s and use a 40% off coupon it’s not that expensive. 



Marshmallow Snowman pop materials
1.Edible markers 2.Paper straws  3.Marshmallows 4.Bakers Twine 5.Plastic bags



1. Insert two Marshmallows on a paper straw, being careful that the straw paper does not pass through completely the last marshmallow.

2. Draw the eyes and nose with edible ink markers.

3. Pack them in plastic bags and close the bag with baker’s twine.

Snowman Marshmallow Pop


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