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I’m Maria Jose Tabush (also known as  MJ in english)

Latin american mom living in Texas. I was born and raised in Guatemala City, got married and moved to Houston in 2011.  Here I share my love for motherhood, homemaking, celebrations and travel! 

I am truly passionate about creating a balances and meaningful life, a cozy home and helping others to do the same.


If you ask someone close to me, to say something I like doing, one of the answers would definitely be “she loves to celebrate everything”. I had not found a holiday, birthday or celebration which I don’t feel excited about.  I’m finding the balance to have a great celebration without being stressed before and during the party, I also don’t like spending a lot of money on things that will be used just a couple of hours.  I find myself making every celebration more meaningful and simpler, and I’m loving it! 

Tips and Tutorials

I’m a DIYer since I can remember, I find myself making printables and projects for every occasion, love making things for my family, feels like it’s  more memorable and special.


Most of my recipes will fall in the “comfort” category, those which the whole family feel excited as soon as they smell what you are baking (most of my recipes are baking goods). Using spices like cinnamon are a most in almost all my recipes.  I also have a love for fresh food, specially if they finished with a squeeze of lime.


We look for destinations and places were we can bound and grow as a family. We travel slow, we do have an itinerary with places we would like to go, but if we can’t make it to all of them, it’s not a big deal. We rather enjoy the moments, get to know the locals, try authentic food and get back home recharge. As an adopted Houstonian I love sharing our favorite places we frequent.



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