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Lunch Box Ideas – Free Printable

Get organized and make your days easier with this FREE lunch box ideas printable

I love seeing ideas on instagram and Pinterest, but most of the time I don’t have the items needed available at my house, and it just stays as a “nice idea, I will make some day” Sound familiar?!  This year I created a planner to make my kids lunch box prep easier. Some times I spend so much time just looking at the fridge wondering what to send them. 

Why Use a Lunch box Ideas Printable?

+Write down ideas you see online, so you can actually remember and buy them.

+You or your kids will have several options of what’s available in your house.

+It’s easier preparing a balanced lunch with the 4 categories “main, fruits and veggies, snacks and treats”

++Customized and adjust it as your kids interest or necessities change

+No more same menu everyday.


How to use the Lunch box Printable?

+The printable has two areas, the first one is “SCHOOL LUNCH BOX IDEAS” you can write your family favorite fruits, veggies, snacks, treats and main lunches you have available. 

+The second area is “SCHOOL LUNCH BOX PLANNER” You can mix and match your ideas, using 1 main, 1 or 2 fruit and veggies, 1 snack and 1 treat.

+If you want to edit it using your computer: Download the printable, open the file in adobe. You can type your text in with the latest version of Adobe Reader. Download it for FREE at Look for the GET ADOBE READER link. Adobe Reader is required to work this file properly. When you open the file select EDIT PDF. To edit the text just double click on top the area.

+If you want to write by hand: Download the file.

+ Print it out, and hang it on the fridge so you’ll never be at a loss.

+I recommend changing the items in the list seasonally or modifying them if your kids get bored of some food. 


Download here -> Lunch Box ideas and Schedule Printable (37 downloads)

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